Product Liability Law

No doubt you have seen news reports about defective products or medicine causing injuries (sometimes even death). Innocent people, who thought they were buying a safe product to use or a safe medicine to help an ailment, may have been negatively impacted by simply using the product.

Buying a product shouldn’t be a risky endeavor. You trust that those who make and sell a product have thoroughly tested it and it is safe to use. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

If you find yourself or a loved one harmed by a product, you need an experienced product liability attorney in Indiana who will fight on your behalf to hold the product manufacturers, and those who distribute and sell the product, responsible.

Braje, Nelson & Janes, LLP in Michigan City have worked hard to hold responsible those who manufacture and sell the products you buy. When you need a product liability attorney in Indiana you can count on, call Braje, Nelson & Janes, LLP at (219) 872-2100 or contact us online.