Civil & Criminal Litigation

Facing criminal charges is a serious matter; you could be facing jail time and costly fines if you are found guilty. Criminal charges may also impact your job, and cause embarrassment for your family. This is no time to try to defend yourself.

A civil lawsuit can be damaging as well. While you may not be facing jail time, you could be facing significant cost with the resulting judgment. A civil defense attorney can help ensure the best possible outcome.

Whether you are facing criminal charges or a civil lawsuit, you need the knowledge, skill and experience of a civil and criminal attorney in Indiana. Braje, Nelson & Janes, LLP leverage their years of civil and criminal litigation to offer unique insight into every case they defend. Our attorneys will fight for you, and help protect your future and your hard-earned savings.

Our civil and criminal litigation experience includes all major felonies, and federal civil and criminal litigation experience:

  • Operating While Intoxicated (OWI)
  • Driver’s License Suspension
  • Battery
  • Drug or Marijuana Charges
  • Firearms Charges
  • Probation Violation
  • Theft and Shoplifting Charges
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Constitutional Violations
  • Protective Orders
  • Expungement or Sealing of Records

Don’t take criminal charges or a civil lawsuit lightly. As your civil and criminal attorney in Indiana, the attorneys of Braje, Nelson & Janes, LLP, we will fight tirelessly for you. Call us today at (219) 872-2100 or contact us online.